The Scandinavian Golf Club

The Scandinavian is just a 25-minute drive from Copenhagen and is the only golf course located with both courses in the Top 50 in continental Europe.

You are about to experience golf in a nature that seems to have been untouched for centuries. The silence and tranquility provide a stress-free and yet adventurously enticing experience for any golfer.

At The Scandinavian we have two high quality golf courses with a total of 36 very different holes.

Both courses are designed by the American golf design company Robert Trent Jones II.

Regardless of your level as a golfer, The Scandinavian will excite your senses, whether you are on the course, in the clubhouse or enjoying a meal in our cafe or gourmet restaurant.

Robert Trent Jones II Golf Course Architects has managed to recreate the beauty and wildlife of nature on The Scandinavians’ 200 acres of wooded area.

The design was developed based on a requirement that players must use all weapons in the bag in one round, and that there must be five tees so that players of all levels can enjoy the game.

The Scandinavian is laid out with soil, sand and compost in a carefully measured mixture that forms the perfect foundation on both tees, greens and fairways.

Greens, which are landscaped with creeping heather grass, are carefully cared for with singlecut mowers to give the ball a constant speed and the best roll.

The courses can absorb up to 100 mm of rain per hour and still be playable. The water is recycled into lakes and recycled to irrigate the tracks.

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