Royal Copenhagen Golf Club

The course is shaped according to the natural contours of the Hermitage Plain and the high-backed fields from past agriculture, which characterizes fairways and greens. On the open plain, the biggest challenges are the wind, the rough, the strategically placed bunkers and the fine details of the green areas.

A good round requires precision, patience and touch around the greens. The course is located in a corner of Dyrehaven with large, old oaks and an impressive chestnut avenue at the edge of the forest. From most holes there is a view of the Hermitage Castle , and on the large plain, red deer and fallow deer often graze only a few meters from the tees.

The course bears its clear mark of being designed in the golden age of golf architecture and is a very fine example of an open park course. It appears as a traditional golf course with fast and steady greens, very natural looking fairways and bunkers as well as only relatively few trees in play; however, between the tee and the green on the 18th hole stand two large chestnuts, which make the finishing hole very scenic and for most, an even very big challenge (par 3). Many golfers have over time either won or lost a match here.

The current course was built in 1928, designed by a now unknown Scottish course architect, and a few years ago it was re-designed and updated, also by a Scot, namely Tom Mackenzie, who over the years has designed and improved a large number of courses in Worldwide.

The course is maintained completely green according to all the latest regulations regarding. golf course care – ie. with a consumption of an absolute minimum of pesticides. With this long-term form of care, we can not only comply with all applicable rules and conventions – but also create some soil conditions that ensure that we can support the growth of the long-lasting grass species (red fescue and common honeysuckle), which should make up as much of the playing area as possible.

If you want to play golf on one of the most beautifully situated golf courses on Zealand, then Copenhagen Golf Club in Dyrehaven is the perfect place to go. 

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