Real Club de Golf La Barganiza

The Real Club de Golf La Barganiza was registered as such in the Royal Spanish Golf Federation in 1982, although it developed some golf activity some years before. It began its formal journey with a 9-hole course designed by Mr. Víctor García de la Cruz, to later complete the 18 holes, this time under the direction and design of our partner, now deceased, Mr. Javier Núñez Martínez. Our first President was Mr. José Alvear y Díaz-Ordóñez, accompanied by several enthusiastic executives, managed to group the necessary land to be able to build the field and obtained the economic means, later consolidated to carry the initiative to fruition.

Throughout its history there have been several changes in the course, one caused by the extension to 18 holes and more recently the course was varied optimizing it to the circumstances of the game.

Our Club has a series of facilities (Club House, Children’s House, Club Room, Practice Court, Swimming pools for adults and children, tennis, paddle tennis, etc.) They have been adapted, improved and renovated, currently forming a Club of first national level, with a wide range of services to members.

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