Greenfield Hotel, Golf & Spa

Situated in an ideal environment, the wellness and golf resort is located in the heart of the thermal region of Western Hungary, famous for its healing springs, with 207 rooms to suit all needs and a 1,180 sqm terrace around the hotel.

Beautification and healing are provided by 10 different attractions in the sauna world, as well as many healing, pampering and beautifying treatments. Sports enthusiasts can indulge their passion on the 18-hole international golf course.

More than a “pampering walk” – Hungary’s first 18-hole golf course, which opened in 1991 in Bükfürdő. Enjoy the unique world of the Pannonian climate, the idyllic landscape and the magical panorama of the beautifully maintained 100-hectare golf course. In harmony with nature: 10,000 poplars, 7 lakes, and 100 different bird species on 1,000,000 m2 create a uniquely calm environment.

Since its inception, Greenfield Golf has always placed great emphasis on promoting the services provided by active recreation and meeting the domestic and foreign needs for it at the highest possible level. With us, every golfer will find the most suitable recreation for him – we also invite novice players to take the first steps in mastering the sport. István Wilheim, a professional instructor at the Greenfield Golf Academy, helps with further development, thus contributing to an even fuller enjoyment of the game. As a guest of the Greenfield Hotel Golf & Spa, we recommend our golf tasting program for those who want to learn the basics of golfing.

Renovation work has been taking place on our golf course since 2019, which primarily affected the new irrigation system, which was followed by the renovation of the greens and then the rest of the playground. We have completed the deforestation, the remaining tree branches have also been shredded, and the green buildings and runners have been completely renovated: planting, verticaling, fertilizing, punching and sanding.

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