Golfpark Waldkirch

The Waldkirch Golf Club was founded in August 1999 and enjoys the right to host the public golf course Golfpark Waldkirch. In contrast to private golf clubs, it is not the club that builds and operates the facility, but the Migros Ostschweiz cooperative. That is why there is the Waldkirch Golf Park on the one hand and the Waldkirch Golf Club on the other, each of which has its own tasks and responsibilities.

We are a public golf club with hospitality rights in the Waldkirch Golf Park, which is nestled in the middle of the lush green hills of the Fürstenland between St. Gallen and Wil, with a fantastic view of Säntis and Alpstein. The 36-hole course is the largest in Switzerland and is a real paradise for the good handicap player as well as for the beginner.

Nestled in the hills of the Fürstenland and with a fantastic view of Säntis and Alpstein, the Waldkirch Golf Park is a real treat for good handicap players as well as beginners. With its 36 holes, the golf course in Waldkirch not only offers a particularly varied game. The spacious practice facility with 3-hole short course also makes golfers’ hearts beat faster. The golf park is also equipped with top tracers for effective training in player mode or for a round on a virtual golf course.

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