Golf de Mont de Marsan

Leisure and sport come together along the “ Le Roumat ” stream, in the middle of the Landes forest where you will spend a wonderful time in a place steeped in history, apparently isolated from the rest of the world, and yet close to the main centers of the region. Aquitaine and Spain. Within driving distance of more than 60 golf courses, in the heart of a renowned gastronomic region, near the Bordeaux vineyards, the Landes and Basque beaches, the Pyrenean peaks and Spain, the Mont de Marsan golf course is the undisputed Landes center of sporting, tourist and gastronomic interests.

In the calm of the Landes forest at the gates of Mont de Marsan in the pretty town of Saint Avit, you will have a wonderful time in a place steeped in history. You will follow in the footsteps of the soldiers who, from the 19th century, maneuvered on the site and left it the name of “Pessourdat”, a Gascon word meaning “feet of soldiers”. You will take the path of the airial and the very old farm typical of the Landes, converted into a Club-House; there, you will immerse yourself in the local heritage through its gastronomy. You will then have to deal with the technical and varied course happily designed by our great French golfer Jean Garaïalde. You will evolve in a magnificent forest where maritime pines, oaks, chestnuts, birches and fruit trees rub shoulders.

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