Golf Club Adamstal Franz Wittmann

In the middle of the Lower Austrian foothills is the Adamstal Golf Club, one of the most spectacular golf courses in Europe, grand in design and always immaculately maintained. You have the choice between the 18-hole “Championship Course” and the 9-hole “Course Wallerbach”.

All 27 holes have their own character: designer Jeff Howes was able to cleverly integrate streams and terrain levels, forest clearings and rock formations into the impressive landscape.

Which fascinates every visitor and encourages them to come back. What began with a 9-hole course in 1995 and was expanded to a full 18-hole course as early as 1998, is now one of the most beautiful golf courses in Europe with the 18-hole Championship Course and the 9-hole Wallerbach Course. Built in an area that was already a classic summer resort during the monarchy. A place to feel at home, far away from the stress, hustle and bustle of the big city, where our members and guests can find the necessary distance from the stress of everyday life and pursue their hobby of golf in peace.

The “Championship Course” of the Adamstal golf club is quite sporty: the professionals of the European Challenge Tour, who made several guest appearances, were able to find that out. Thanks to up to five tees per hole, the course is still fair for golfers of all levels.

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