Berliner Golf Club Stolper Heide e.V.

We “Stolper” have always known that our two 18-hole golf courses are among the most beautiful in the region and that we are a member of one of the best clubs in Berlin and Brandenburg.
But now we have it in black and white. Our golf course was opened in May 2012 by Sport Business AG on behalf of the Bundesverband Golfanlagen e. V. (BVGA) subjected to an assessment.
All areas of a golf course (golf courses, practice facilities, maintenance condition and intervals, equipment, sanitary facilities, secretariat, restaurant, pro shop, etc.) were used for the overall assessment. The evaluation criteria are consistently aligned with the expectations of the guests. The questionnaire includes around 200 assessment criteria. Verifiable criteria for the equipment of the business help the guest to recognize from the outside how to correctly classify the price, performance and quality of the golf courses. Subjective impressions are generally not taken into account.
The evaluation of the questionnaire can result in between 50 (one-star system) and over 500 points (5-star superior system).

We are proud and happy that the Stolper Heide golf course was rated with 472 points, which has resulted in a 5-star classification.

Of the 92 golf courses in Germany that have been rated so far, 27 have achieved the 5-star or 5-star superior classification.

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