Tony Finau

Tony Finau as Milton Pouha Finau doğ Ravena Finau on September 14, 1989, in Salt Lake City, Utah. From a very young age, he trained to become a professional golfer, even though his parents could not give him the traditional training needed to do the necessary sport.

Regardless of the circumstances, Finau was able to find his own way to earn a place in tournaments, the first being in a junior event at the Jordan River Course in August 1997. The Finau brothers (Tony and his brother Gipper) soon became the talk of the Utah junior golf scene as they guided the high school to its first State golf Championship in 114 years.

Tony Finau went on to win the Utah State Amateur and chose to turn professional on his high school graduation day before winning the championship in 2006. He chose to do so despite receiving scholarships to play college basketball and golf at schools such as Utah State and Stanford. He first started with tournaments such as golf’s lower leagues; The Gateway Tour, the eGolf Tour, The Canadian tour, the NGA Hooters Tour and the National Pro Tour, since he failed to get into the PGA Tour’s compelling-nature School.

But by 2013, Finau had managed to win başardı full-time entry to the Tour. The following year, he won the Stonebrae Classic to qualify for the major leagues, enabling him to make his debut on the 2014-15 PGA Tour.

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