Jordan Spieth

Justin Thomas, born in 1993, is the winner of the FedEx Cup, which determines the winner of the PGA Tour in 2017. In doing so, he reached five tournament titles and one of them at the PGA Championship, one of golf’s four major organizations. To the sport at a young-ish age behind this extraordinary performance, of course, a great talent, determination, and dedication, but it was a great success motivation we should not forget that share Thomas’s Childhood friend and rival catch. Because he was always overshadowed by a person in the Junior All-Star tournament, the 2012 NCAA Championship, and the early years at the PGA, when he played at the age of 13.…

” We were at very close levels but I gained experience earlier, ” said Jordan Spieth, the name on the other side of this friendly rivalry. Two years before his age, Thomas had already signed for the better of him. The FedEx Cup, five tournament titles, two of them majors, and a share of world No. 1… Spieth was just 22 years old, at a point that didn’t even belong to Tiger Woods. The fact that he was young and good-looking made him an extremely marketable figure. He also touched the nostalgic side of golf lovers with his awesome short game. In the intervening three years, Spieth has lost some of his ‘space’ level in 2015 but his chances of becoming the monarch of the post-Woods era are still most decidedly given to him. Of course, Thomas will never let go of both his giant legacy and his close friend.

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