How to Determine Your Club Size

In recent years, custom fitting in golf has become widespread.

Previously, custom fitting was something only elite professionals might have had access to or considered important.

Now, every golfer has the chance to be custom fit and to acquire golf clubs that are exactly right for their requirements.

One of the important measurements in the custom fit process is wrist to floor.

Why is it important

Wrist to floor measurement is a key indicator in the custom fit process as, together with a players’ height, it helps determine the correct club length and lie angle for individual golfers, with standard stance and swing.

With clubs that are too short, a player will stoop and bend too much to get down to the ball.

With clubs that are too long, a player will stand too straight.

Either of these problems will cause a player to make subtle adjustments to accommodate their swing, making it less effective and less consistent.

Getting the right length for your clubs, particularly your irons, will allow you to swing naturally.

So Why not just height?

Although height is a basic indicator to establish the correct length of golf clubs for an individual, it’s not enough on its own.

Yes, taller players generally require longer clubs and shorter players need shorter clubs.

But as we all know – we’re all built a little differently.

This is where wrist to floor measurement comes in.

Two golfers of the same height could have different wrist to floor measurements because of differences in the length of their arms, torso and legs.

The average wrist to floor measurement is 48.9% of an individual’s height, but a lot of different body shapes go in to make that average.

Lie angle

Generally speaking; those with a longer wrist to floor measurement will also need a more upright club lie angle and those with a shorter wrist to floor measurement will need a flatter club lie angle.

Using both height and wrist to floor measurement, a custom fitter can establish a suitable club length and lie angle for an individual golfer.

It provides a starting point at least – But of course, the nature of a player’s stance and hand position at address and impact together with their swing dynamics will also have a part to play.

How to measure wrist to floor

Stand on a solid, flat floor with your wrists hanging in a relaxed fashion by your sides. Wear street shoes without heels.

From this position get someone else to take a measurement from the floor up to the crease on the inside of your wrist.

This is the excepted, correct method for how to measure wrist to floor.

Part of the package

Height and wrist to floor are two important static measurements for the custom fitting of golf clubs.

They give a fitter a good starting point, but to get the full benefit of the custom fitting process, you need a qualified professional to take more into account – looking at your individual technique.

Where are you comfortable with body and hands at address? How do you return the club to the ball?

A range of factors will play a part in establishing the correct set up for your clubs.

Getting wrist to floor measurement is an important aspect of custom fitting, but it’s only one aspect of it.

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