Real Club de Golf de Tenerife

Founded in 1932, this is the second oldest golf club in Spain and still preserves a typically British air of distinction. Situated at 600m above sea level it boasts 18 holes in undulating fairways that ascend with a spectacular view of Teide. The dry stream beds play a part in several holes. The 4th hole is one of the most difficult because you have to be
on the green at the second stroke, as there are out of bounds to the left and drops to the right. Impressive old trees make it very pleasant and give some shade in parts of the round.

The field was located in the greenest and coolest area of ​​the island of Tenerife, 600 meters above sea level, and within the municipality of Tacoronte. It has a total of 18 holes, with a total course of 5740 meters and a par of 71 strokes. Its beauty lies -among other details- in its abundant native grove perfectly integrated with the rest of the elements of the field.

Dry stream beds come into play on a number of holes while the 4th is one of the more difficult where precision play is all important, especially on the second shot to the green, as there is out-of-bounds both left and right.

The atmosphere is relaxed, yet exclusive. A members club where green fee guests are welcome. The course is not easy to play, and it requires above all precision to get around and finish in the clubhouse with a good score.

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