Golfpark De Haenen

Golfpark De Haenen truly embodies the essence of a park. Situated against the backdrop of Teteringse Heide, Golfpark De Haenen boasts a seamless integration with the 18-hole and Par 3 courses, creating a naturally stunning environment for both golfing and leisurely strolls. The park is accessible to the public, and our brasserie and terrace extend a warm welcome to everyone.

Golfpark De Haenen is a park where enjoyment takes the lead. An inviting experience awaits, not only for golfers but also for business associates, connoisseurs, walkers, art enthusiasts, and nature lovers. On our beautiful and well-maintained golf course, as well as in our welcoming brasserie, everyone can find a place for quality and connection.
Golfpark De Haenen stands as a haven of enjoyment. It extends a warm invitation not just to golfers, but also to business partners, food enthusiasts, hikers, art and nature aficionados. Our meticulously manicured golf course and inviting brasserie are open to all, offering a space characterized by quality and camaraderie.
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