Damme, the Golf and Country Club

Located between the historic towns of Bruges and Damme, the Golf and Country Club at Damme is built in perfect harmony with the natural landscape, characterised by streams, grasslands and towering poplars.

Damme Golf & Country Club is a 27-hole golf club. The Championship Course and the President’s Nine are our award winning golf courses. We also have a Compact Course which makes it easy for new golfers to find their way around. As a starting golfer you can start with a 3-month trial membership. More information can be found on the Start to golf page (link). Lessons are easy to take through our fantastic golf professionals. We also have a Driving Range, Indoor Practice and a Practice & Putting Green. Our golf club works with different groups divided into different playing days and age categories, so you can choose the best group for you.

Damme Golf & Country Club is very proud of its past. The dog in our logo refers to the legendary history of Damme. In the Middle Ages, the city was a port and the city had to be protected from the sea.

While building dikes, workers were chased by the devil, under the guise of a stray dog. When one of the embankments burst, the workers killed the dog and used the corpse to fill the hole. In this way Damme and its attractive landscape were saved from flooding. In 1994 the club was bought by 2 well-known Flemish families, with the aim of making Damme a top club here in Belgium.

A club where everyone, member and visitor feels like part of the family and where everyone feels at home. So we started many changes, promoting the golf courses, the clubhouse, changing rooms and practice facilities to name a few. Today Stockman’s historic farm is the heart of our club. After a day on the golf course, it is the ideal place to rewrite golf history… Or simply enjoy traditional Flemish dishes and drinks.

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