Cullinan Links Golf Club

The Cullinan Links Golf Club was redesigned according to the rigorous demands of European Golfers. Cullinan Links Golf Club have 2 x 18 holes golf courses named Aspendos and Olympos, allowing you to choose between playing two different 18 holes. Each 18 hole section has its unique character, so it is possible to find a course that suits your golf style or tests or skills.

Aspendos and Olympos courses are the perfect destination courses for European visitors because the unique Belek climate allows tourists to play 365 days per year. The sandy ground can support well-kept greens and fairways. Still, it is also perfectly adapted to allow water to run off quickly and efficiently so that the course remains playable, even if unseasonal rain does set in.

Course designers strived to incorporate the area’s natural features; lakes, dunes, and rivers are some of the course’s many challenges.

Many tees sit on the top of the dunes to give you a perfect view across the course and towards the snow-capped Taurus Mountain range and the Mediterranean Sea. The course offers four different tees so that players of different ages and abilities have the opportunity to challenge themselves appropriately.

Once off of the course, the Cullinan Link’s Training Area offers the perfect place to brush up on some of your skills. The driving range offers 40 training tees facing three large target greens for those who need to work on their long game, whilst there is also a putting-chipping green and a pitching area for practising bunker shots.

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