Capitals Golf Club

Capitals Golf Club

Golf capital between four capitals
From time immemorial, people have been attracted to places filled with the spirit of greatness. Nature and history have left a strong impression on this land, surrounded by the scents of the Aukštaitija hills and Dzūkija forests. The sliding glaciers in the area have shaped the ground so that it is ideal for a golf course. Now there is Pipiriškės Geomorphological Reserve protected by the state. Already in the 3rd century here, between Zapurvis and Pasamanė lakes, there was a settlement with Juodakalnis mound. All four historical capitals of Lithuania – Kernavė, Trakai, Kaunas and Vilnius – are located at almost equal distance around this impressive patch of land. Once upon a time in these hills, fields and forests, the nobles of Kernavė and Old Trakai used to hunt; today, this natural wonder can be enjoyed by golfers from Lithuania and around the world.

Opening of Capitals Golf Club
2005 The first 9 golf courses were opened in autumn 2006; July 6 was fully equipped with the Capitals Golf Club House and the remaining 9 courses. 2006 July 7 The Capitals Golf Club and 18-holes course were inaugurated. This date is considered the birthday of the Capitals Golf Club and Course. Capitals Golf Club is the first professional 18-holes golf course in Lithuania.

2008 The Capitals Golf Club Course was voted Best New Project of 2008 by the US GOLF INK in the International Division (all but the US). The project has overtaken courts like Jack Nicklaus’s Punta Espada Golf Club in the Dominican Republic and Pete Dye Course at Mission Hills Golf Club in China.

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