Ambassador Program

European Golf Society Brand Ambassador Program

European Golf Society Ambassadors should be passionate golfers from around Europe who love to play golf regularly and who can help us grow our society locally. This is your chance to be part of our exclusive program and to be a part of the largest online golf club in Europe.
Also get really good offer by EGS.

What does an EGS ambassador do?

Play golf and use European Golf Society system – ask the Golf Friends to be a member of EGS, ask to create their player pages by themselves. Give them discount cards.
Assistance with EGS Golf Events and Challenges – Connect with Golf Clubs locally and plan introduction events. Organize Private challenge in your home area with European Golf Society assistance.
Involve Golf related companies for partnership – Contact local Golf Magazines and send them European Golf Society Press Release.

What does the EGS Ambassador Get?

European Golf Society wears, balls, cups and more prestigious gifts by your name. We’ll provide you a prestigious brand ambassador page on Use it proudly. Post to social media and spread the word.
Tournament and Annual Championship invites – Our active Ambassadors will receive invitations and free green fees to EGS Tournaments and Annual Championships.

However, the most important benefit will be the dividend you will receive from players participating in EGS events from your city. You will receive 5% of the total package price for the first 10 players from your home city, and 10% for 11 golfers and above.

The EGS Ambassador will receive 10% for every golfer with more than 10 people from the city at least. It will be 5% for 1 to 10 players. Each city has 1 brand ambassador and it doesn’t matter whether you know the member or not. You always get paid.

Our first target is to enlarge our society.

Let start to build our largest and strongest online golf club in Europe.

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