Golf Saint Thomas

At the center of a typically Mediterranean scrubland, the Golf de Saint-Thomas remains a privileged setting. You will discover on this exceptional site a large expanse where green spaces and wild nature harmonize.

A green oasis where everyone, from confirmed golfer to neophyte , can satisfy their desires and improve their technique.

You will stay nearby, in Béziers , the rugby capital, in Pézenas , the city of Molière, on the banks of the Canal du Midi , recently classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, or even in the seaside resorts of the nearby Mediterranean.

Located 10 minutes from the center of Béziers and 10 minutes from the sea, in the middle of the scrubland, the Saint Thomas golf course has managed to preserve and enhance the natural beauty of the site, the tranquility of the place where water features, valleys and wood. It offers a complete change of scenery for golfers of all levels.

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